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About Verizon

With its headquarters at Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Verizon has taken over the country as the leading wireless telecommunications provider. It offers phones & phone accessories and also has service plans to offer. The company can comfortably boast as the largest 4G LTE provider in the US covering about 98% of the country’s population. The past few years have seen Verizon take up new devices which their mobile phone services are compatible with, attributing to some of the reasons why people love it very much.

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Free Mobile Number Generator

Getting started with Verizon

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You probably know what Verizon is – technically everyone in the US knows what it is, so we will not get into the nitty-gritty details of the company. You are aware that the company sells phones and their accessories and also offer service plans. There are several subscription offers which you can pick, depending on your needs and usage. There are small, medium, large and unlimited wireless plans which you can choose the one that best suits you. A reliable internet connection is what gets you started, and also being in possession of a Verizon phone. Before using it, you need to sign up and create an account with Verizon, fill in your basic information including your email address and also you get to choose an online identifier, which is like a unique number you will reach people through.

Are free Verizon codes real?

This is the part you have most definitely been waiting for. Yes, they are real. Just like many other big companies that either try to keep more and more people coming back to them or just a way of rewarding their loyal customers, Verizon has promo codes which you can take advantage of. This post will take you through some ways you can get free Verizon activation and promo codes.

What can Free Verizon Codes be used for?

As mentioned earlier, Verizon offers not only phones and phone accessories, but also offers service plans, which you can use for both calls and internet surfing. Promo codes are easily found in various platforms and can be used to get all the above services, depending on which offers are up for grabs. You can use the promo codes to get yourself up to 50% off on various products and services, so long as they are from a trusted and legit source. It should be noted that each free Verizon promo code works differently and is only applicable to a select number of products and services. Not all services and products sold by Verizon are subject to free promo codes, some may be excluded.

How to get Free Verizon Refill Codes

Just as there are many different ways to kill a rat, one has the ability to choose the different methods they can use to get free Verizon promo codes, in order to save on their next purchase. However, not all methods are always safe, secure and reliable. The internet is full of scams and cons and it might deter your judgment on which is a true and legit source and which one isn’t. Some of the most popular ways you can get a hold of such promo codes include;

As Giveaways

As compared to most other big companies, Verizon sometimes offers its free promo codes to influential social media personalities. These people or influencers, usually offer the codes to their followers or fan base as giveaways. The giveaways mostly come with a catch as you have to do something in order to win the giveaway, such as subscribing to their channels, following their handles or even leaving a comment to a certain video. In most cases, this is a huge gamble as there might be hundreds, thousands or even millions of you who are competing for those codes, hence the chances of you getting the codes are low. You should either way try your luck, as you never know.

From Points’ Sites

One can also get Verizon codes from some websites which require you to undertake a particular activity before you are rewarded with points which you can redeem for codes. Some of these activities might include; undertaking surveys, watching ads, amongst others. Some of these websites might not be legit and may be used by conmen or scams to waste both your time, resources or in worse case scenarios hack into your device. It is paramount you be sure of the legitimacy of the site before offering any of your private information.


Codes can also be gotten through the barter system whereby two people exchange the codes for something else.

Legit websites offering Verizon codes

There are too many websites which claim to offer free Verizon codes. Problem is, up to 50% of these websites are not legit and you may end up losing than gaining. One website you can use to get these promo codes is by using the Verizon website itself or if you want, get it from your local retailers. Alternatively, if you have access to a legit website which offers free Verizon codes, it is wise to use them, as they might have better offers for you.

Best website to get legit and Free Verizon Codes?

While there might be several other good websites which offer you free Verizon codes, none of them can be compared to how our website operates. Our Verizon Code Generator has been designed to generate unique, legit and useful codes which you can use to save yourself some bucks while buying from Verizon. They are distributed in $10, $20, and $50 denominations. You can generate your own codes safely, using any internet-enabled device.

No surveys, no downloads, no human verifications

This is what most people look for in websites while looking for free codes. Fortunately for you, we won’t ask you for any of those activities. All you have to do is generate your code and off you go. You will not be asked to undertake any surveys, you will not be prompted to download anything or watch any ads and also, no human verification is required. We understand that getting free codes shouldn’t be tedious and that is why we are here for you.

How to obtain free Verizon codes

Use these 5 easy steps to claim your Verizon gift codes:

Visit our homepage

Pick the card value you want

Enter your cell number

Click the 'get code' button

Follow the simple instructions and enjoy your free codes!

Fake Mobile Number Generator

Bottom line

Getting free Verizon codes is not all easy and that is why we are here for you. Take advantage of our hustle free Verizon refill card promo codes and trust us, you will be coming back for more!

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